Plasma Physics Reports

, Volume 29, Issue 8, pp 669–674

Parametric excitation of surface waves at the boundary between a magnetized plasma and a metal


  • N. A. Azarenkov
    • Karazin National University
  • Yu. A. Akimov
    • Karazin National University
  • V. P. Olefir
    • Karazin National University
Plasma Oscillations and Waves

DOI: 10.1134/1.1601644

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Azarenkov, N.A., Akimov, Y.A. & Olefir, V.P. Plasma Phys. Rep. (2003) 29: 669. doi:10.1134/1.1601644


A study is made of the parametric excitation of potential surface waves propagating in a planar plasma-metal waveguide structure in a magnetic field perpendicular to the plasma-metal boundary. An external, spatially uniform, alternating electric field at the second harmonic of the excited wave is used as the source of parametric excitation. A set of equations is derived that describes the excitation of surface waves due to the onset of decay instability. Expressions for the growth rates in the linear stage of instability are obtained, and the threshold amplitudes of the external electric field above which the parametric instability can occur are found. Analytic expressions for the saturation amplitudes are derived with allowance for the self-interaction of each of the excited waves and the interaction between them. The effect of the plasma parameters and the strength of the external magnetic field on the saturation amplitude, growth rates, and the threshold amplitudes of the pump electric field are analyzed.

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