, Volume 5, Issue 3-4, pp 209-213

Formation of nanostructured hydrogels in L-cysteine and silver nitrate solutions

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Transmission electron microscopy is utilized to study the gels formed from aqueous solutions of L-cysteine and silver nitrate on a nanolevel structure in the presence of various anions. It is established that the anion’s charge and geometrical size have an existential effect on the structure and mechanical properties of the spatial gel-network.

Original Russian Text © P.M. Pakhomov, S.S. Abramchuk, S.D. Khizhnyak, M.M. Ovchinnikov, V.M. Spiridonova, 2010, published in Rossiiskie nanotekhnologii, 2010, Vol. 5, Nos. 3–4.