, Volume 4, Issue 5-6, pp 331-339
Date: 19 Jun 2009

Hybrid nanocomposites based on graft copolymer of chitosan with poly(vinyl alcohol) and titanium oxide

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The physical-mechanical and relaxation properties of nanocomposites based on chitosan graft copolymers with poly(vinyl alcohol) and nanodispersed titanium oxide, where a high dispersity of the initial nanofillers was retained until high loading, were studied. The stabilization of the molecular mobility within the temperature range of 60 to 230°C was revealed in the copolymers of chitosan with poly(vinyl alcohol) upon loading with nanodispersed titanium oxide; this may be useful for changing the transport properties of the modified matrix. The obtained results are significant for the technological development of biocompatible and biodegradable composite materials based on chitosan and synthetic polymers for wide application.

Original Russian Text © A.N. Ozerin, N.S. Perov, A.N. Zelenetskii, T.A. Akopova, L.A. Ozerina, A.S. Kechek’yan, N.M. Surin, L.V. Vladimirov, V.D. Yulovskaya, 2009, published in Rossiiskie nanotekhnologii, 2009, Vol. 4, Nos. 5–6.