, Volume 4, Issue 1-2, pp 93-101

A study of structural and molecular weight characteristics of poly(aluminum hydroxychloride) nanoparticles by small-angle X-ray scattering and sedimentation analysis

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It has been established by small-angle X-ray scattering and sedimentation analysis that aqueous solutions of poly(aluminum hydroxychloride) are disperse systems comprising two types of nanoparticles considerably different in size. The volume content, molecular weights, radii of gyration, characteristic size, specific surface, fractal dimensions, and shape of poly(aluminum hydroxychloride) nanoparticles have been determined. The particles of poly(aluminum hydroxychloride) have been shown to be rather stable entities, and the addition of HCl has practically no effect on their molecular weight or structural characteristics.

Original Russian Text © A.S. Ozerin, F.S. Radchenko, G.I. Timofeeva, I.A. Novakov, 2009, published in Rossiiskie nanotekhnologii, 2009, Vol. 4, Nos. 1–2.