, Volume 79, Issue 8, pp 1683-1690
Date: 19 Sep 2009

Solubility of light fullerenes in vegetable oils

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Polythermal (in the temperature range 0−80°C) solubility of light fullerenes (C60 and C70), and also of fullerene mixtures (65% C60, 34% C70, and 1% C76–90) in vegetable oils (of unrefined and refined sunflower, corn, olive, linen, apricot, grape, cedar, and walnut) was studied; the corresponding solubility polytherms are given and characterized.

Original Russian Text © K.N. Semenov, N. A. Charykov, V.I. Namazbaev, O.V. Arapov, V.V. Pavlovets, V.F. Keskinov, A.K. Pyartman, 2009, published in Zhurnal Obshchei Khimii, 2009, Vol. 79, No. 8, pp. 1323–1330.