, Volume 43, Issue 11, pp 922-930

Observations of crustal tide strains in the Elbrus area

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Results of observations of tidal strains of the crust in the tectonically active Elbrus area of the Northern Caucasus carried out with the use of the Baksan SSAI laser interferometer strainmeter over the period from 2003 through 2006 are presented. Harmonic analysis is performed with the help of the ETERNA software package. Statistically significant time variations in the amplitudes of the main tidal waves M 2 and O 1 are revealed. The influence of the topography on tidal strains in the Baksan gorge is estimated at 22% (an increase in the measured strain values). The reduced amplitude factors of the main diurnal (O 1) and semidiurnal (M 2) waves are underestimated. Numerical modeling of tidal anomalies produced by regional heterogeneous inclusions is performed in a 2-D approximation. The observed anomaly of the M 2 wave (12%) is shown to be due to the influence of the main magma-controlling fault associated with the deep magma source of the Elbrus dormant volcano.

Original Russian Text © V.K. Milyukov, A.V. Kopaev, A.V. Lagutkina, A.P. Mironov, A.V. Myasnikov, 2007, published in Fizika Zemli, 2007, No. 11, pp. 21–29.