, Volume 49, Issue 6, pp 630-632

Nuclear-chemical synthesis of tritium-labeled phenyl-substituted picoline derivatives

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Ion-molecule reactions of free phenyl cations with six-membered nitrogen-containing heterocyclic compounds: α-, β-, and γ-picolines, were studied. Phenyl cations were generated by tritium β-decay in double-labeled benzene. The mechanism of competing reactions of electrophilic addition to the nitrogen heteroatom in the ring and electrophilic substitution of the C-H bond in the pyridine ring was examined. The effect of methyl substituent in the pyridine molecule on the reaction pathway was evaluated. A one-step procedure for nuclear-chemical synthesis of tritium-labeled N-phenylpicolinium salts and phenyl-substituted picolines was developed.

Original Russian Text © N.E. Shchepina, V.V. Avrorin, G.A. Badun, V.M. Fedoseev, S.E. Ukhanov, S.B. Lewis, 2007, published in Radiokhimiya, 2007, Vol. 49, No. 6, pp. 551–553.