, Volume 45, Issue 4, pp 623-626

A new strong-password authentication scheme using one-way hash functions

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Recently, Sandirigama et al. have proposed an authentication scheme by the name of SAS and have claimed that it has the lowest storage, processing, and transmission overhead. In 2001, Lin et al. showed that the protocol is insecure and proposed an optimal strong-password authentication protocol called the OSPA protocol. However, Chen and Ku pointed out that both SAS and OSPA are vulnerable to stolen-verifier attack in 2002. Later, Lin, Shen, and Hwang proposed a modified OSPA protocol to repair the security law of OSPA protocol. In this paper, we propose a new strong-password authentication protocol that not only can withstand many possible attacks including a stolen-verifier attack, but that is also more efficient than the modified OSPA protocol.

The text was submitted by the authors in English.