Date: 06 Jan 2013

Calculation of the spectral characteristics of an acoustic resonator containing layered multiferroic structure

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Multifrequency composite acoustic resonators for bulk acoustic waves with piezoelectric and ferromagnetic layers are studied. The structures with a thick ferrite substrate layer and a thin ferrite film on a nonmagnetic dielectric substrate and multilayer structures are considered. A thin piezoelectric layer that is placed between two metal electrodes serves as a transducer. Analytical expressions for the input electric impedance of the electroacoustic transducer are derived for various structures under study in the presence of the transverse control magnetic field. The amplitude-frequency and phase-frequency characteristics of the cavity are numerically calculated. The resonance frequency can be controlled in the interval ±1.2 MHz (about 25% of the intermode distance) due to variations in the magnetic field.

Original Russian Text © N.I. Polzikova, A.O. Raevskii, A.S. Goremykina, 2013, published in Radiotekhnika i Elektronika, 2013, Vol. 58, No. 1, pp. 97–104.