, Volume 39, Issue 8, pp 669-672
Date: 04 Sep 2013

Efficiency of pulse high-current generator energy transfer into plasma liner energy

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The efficiency of capacitor-bank energy transfer from a high-current pulse generator into kinetic energy of a plasma liner has been analyzed. The analysis was performed using a model including the circuit equations and equations of the cylindrical shell motion. High efficiency of the energy transfer into kinetic energy of the liner is shown to be achieved only by a low-inductance generator. We considered an “ideal” liner load in which the load current is close to zero in the final of the shell compression. This load provides a high (up to 80%) efficiency of energy transfer and higher stability when compressing the liner.

Original Russian Text © V.I. Oreshkin, 2013, published in Pis’ma v Zhurnal Tekhnicheskoi Fiziki, 2013, Vol. 39, No. 15, pp. 1–11.