Physics of the Solid State

, Volume 52, Issue 12, pp 2518–2526

Anisotropy of amorphous nanogranular composites CoNbTa-SiOn and CoFeB-SiOn

Magnetism and Ferroelectricity

DOI: 10.1134/S1063783410120127

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Stognei, O.V. & Sitnikov, A.V. Phys. Solid State (2010) 52: 2518. doi:10.1134/S1063783410120127


A comparative investigation of the magnetic properties of amorphous nanogranular composites (Co41Fe39B20)x(SiOn)100 − x and (Co86Nb12Ta2)x(SiOn)100 − x has been performed in the subpercolation region at temperatures in the range 4.2–300 K. The thermomagnetic dependences in the range 4.2–300 K and the processes of magnetization reversal and remanent magnetization relaxation at liquid-helium temperatures have been studied. It has been established that the average anisotropy constants of amorphous nanograins are equal to 3.6–7.0 kJ/m3 for the (Co41Fe39B20)x(SiOn)100 − x composites and 5–8 kJ/m3 for the (Co86Nb12Ta2)x(SiOn)100 − x composites. The fundamental differences in the concentration dependences of the anisotropy constant Keff and the coercive force HC have been revealed for the two systems under investigation. It has been demonstrated that, as the concentration of the metal phase increases, the quantities Keff and HC increase for the (Co86Nb12Ta2)x(SiOn)100 − x composites and decrease for the (Co41Fe39B20)x(SiOn)100 − x composites.

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