, Volume 50, Issue 4, pp 631-637
Date: 16 May 2008

Some dielectric properties of monoclinic lysozyme crystals

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The frequency dependences of the dielectric loss tangent and the magnitude of the impedance for monoclinic lysozyme single crystals and the solution used for preparing the crystals were investigated. The measurements were performed in the frequency range 1–107 Hz under exposure of the crystals at a temperature of 25°C, cooling to −20°C, and subsequent heating. The analysis of the experimental dielectric properties of the crystals demonstrated that drying of the crystals at room temperature in air initially led to the removal of “free” water with the content approximately equal to 65% of the total content. Further drying resulted in the removal of “bound” water. The solvent contained in the crystals (∼26 wt %) was frozen at a constant temperature of approximately −6.5°C. The permittivity of the dehydrated crystal at high frequencies was considerably higher than that of ice.

Original Russian Text © L.N. Rashkovich, V.A. Smirnov, E.V. Petrova, 2008, published in Fizika Tverdogo Tela, 2008, Vol. 50, No. 4, pp. 608–613.