, Volume 44, Issue 12, pp 1567-1575
Date: 30 Dec 2010

Study of tunneling transport of carriers in structures with an InGaN/GaN active region

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Properties of light-emitting structures with an InGaN/GaN active region emitting in a range of 500–550 nm are studied. Photoluminescence of the structures is studied at various values of external bias and temperature as well as with time resolution. With the reverse bias, a decrease in the carrier lifetime associated with tunneling exit of the carriers from the active region is found. The mechanism of tunneling leakage is simulated allowing for the Boltzmann distribution of carriers by energy; it is shown that the calculated and experimental dependences agree well. It is shown that the tunneling transport exerts a considerable effect on the characteristics of structures with an InGaN/GaN active region.

Original Russian Text © V.S. Sizov, V.V. Neploh, A.F. Tsatsulnikov, A.V. Sakharov, W.V. Lundin, E.E. Zavarin, A.E. Nikolaev, A.M. Mintairov, J.L. Merz, 2010, published in Fizika i Tekhnika Poluprovodnikov, 2010, Vol. 44, No. 12, pp. 1615–1623.