, Volume 40, Issue 6, pp 697-703

Flip-chip LEDs with deep mesa emitting at 4.2 µm

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The spectral, current-voltage, and emission-current characteristics under forward and reverse biases, and the near-field emission pattern of flip-chip LEDs based on heterostructures with an InAsSb active layer (emission wavelength of 4.2 µm at 300 K) and a mesa of 40–50 µm in depth and 240 µm in diameter are analyzed. The possibility of raising the emission output by varying the configuration of the structure and selecting the optimal operation mode dependently on the working temperature are discussed.

Original Russian Text © N.V. Zotova, N.D. Il’inskaya, S.A. Karandashev, B.A. Matveev, M.A. Remennyi, N.M. Stus’, 2006, published in Fizika i Tekhnika Poluprovodnikov, 2006, Vol. 40, No. 6, pp. 717–723.