, Volume 40, Issue 2, pp 202-209

Modification of quantum dots in Ge/Si nanostructures by pulsed laser irradiation

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The goal of this study was the development of a method for the modification of a quantum dot (QD) structure in Ge/Si nanostructures by pulsed laser irradiation. The GexSi1−x QD structures were analyzed using data furnished by Raman spectroscopy. Frequency-dependent admittance measurements were used to study the energy spectrum of holes in the Ge/Si heterostructures with GexSi1−x QDs before and after the laser treatment. The obtained experimental data show that laser treatment makes it possible to reduce the sheet density of QDs, modify their composition, and increase the average size. The most important result is that the QD parameters become more uniform after the treatment with nanosecond laser pulses. In a sample with ODs of 8-nm average lateral size (six monolayers of Ge), the scatter of energy levels in the QD array is reduced by half after the treatment with 10 laser pulses.

Original Russian Text © V.A. Volodin. A.I. Yakimov, A.V. Dvurechenskiĭ, M.D. Efremov, A.I. Nikiforov, E.I. Gatskevich, G.D. Ivlev, G.Yu. Mikhalev, 2006, published in Fizika i Tekhnika Poluprovodnikov, 2006, Vol. 40, No. 2, pp. 207–214.