, Volume 34, Issue 9, pp 754-770
Date: 23 Sep 2008

Accelerated electrons and hard X-ray emission from X-pinches

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The generation of accelerated electrons in the X-pinch minidiode is studied experimentally. It is well known that the explosion of an X-pinch consisting of two or more wires is accompanied by the formation of a minidiode, in which electrons are accelerated. The subsequent slowing down of electrons in the products of wire explosion causes the generation of hard X-ray (HXR) emission with photon energies higher than 10 keV. In this work, the spatial and temporal characteristics of X-pinch HXR emission are studied, the specific features of HXR generation are discussed, and the capability of applying this radiation to point-projection X-ray imaging of various plasma and biological objects is considered. The parameters of the electron beam produced in the X-pinch are measured using a Faraday cup and X-ray diagnostics. The experiments were performed with the XP generator (550 kA, 100 ns) at Cornell University (United States) and the BIN generator (270 kA, 150 ns) at the Lebedev Physical Institute (Russia).

Original Russian Text © T.A. Shelkovenko, S.A. Pikuz, A.R. Mingaleev, A.V. Agafonov, V.M. Romanova, A.E. Ter-Oganes’yan, S.I. Tkachenko, I.C. Blesener, M.D. Mitchell, K.M. Chandler, B.R. Kusse, D.A. Hammer, 2008, published in Fizika Plazmy, 2008, Vol. 34, No. 9, pp. 816–833.