, Volume 110, Issue 5, pp 816-824

Giant transversal Kerr effect in magneto-plasmonic heterostructures: The scattering-matrix method

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The magneto-optical intensity effect (transversal Kerr effect) in a metal-dielectric periodic heterostructure that consists of a metallic grating formed by subwavelength slits and a dielectric substrate magnetized along the slits is shown to be resonantly enhanced by several tens of times in the excitation region of structure eigenmodes—surface plasmon polaritons and Fabry-Perot modes. The Fourier modal and scattering-matrix methods adapted to the case of gyrotropic periodic media have been used. The resonant enhancement of the intensity effect is attributable to the phenomenon of magneto-optical nonreciprocity.

Original Russian Text © V.I. Belotelov, D.A. Bykov, L.L. Doskolovich, A.N. Kalish, A.K. Zvezdin, 2010, published in Zhurnal Éksperimental’noĭ i Teoreticheskoĭ Fiziki, 2010, Vol. 137, No. 5, pp. 932–942.