, Volume 51, Issue 5, pp 863-869

Preparation of polyelectrolyte microcapsules with silver and gold nanoparticles in a shell and the remote destruction of microcapsules under laser irradiation

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A number of methods are proposed for encapsulating silver and gold nanoparticles into shells of polyelectrolyte microcapsules for the purpose of increasing the sensitivity of microcapsules to laser radiation. It is shown that capsules with nanocomposite shells can be remotely damaged under laser radiation with different powers and wavelengths. The sensitivity of capsules with silver and gold nanoparticles in shells to this radiation can be controlled by varying the conditions used for the preparation of the capsules. The release of the encapsulated material under laser radiation makes these systems promising for use as microcontainers intended for the target delivery of drugs in an organism.

Original Russian Text © T.V. Bukreeva, B.V. Parakhonsky, A.G. Skirtach, A.S. Susha, G.B. Sukhorukov, 2006, published in Kristallografiya, 2006, Vol. 51, No. 5, pp. 920–926.
Dedicated to the 60th Birthday of M. V. Kovalchuk