, Volume 37, Issue 3, pp 201-208
Date: 08 Jul 2011

The composition of fatty acids and stable isotopes in the detritophage Acila insignis (Gould, 1861) (Bivalvia: Nuculidae): Searching for markers of a microbial food web

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The fatty acid composition and stable isotope ratios of carbon, nitrogen, and sulfur were analyzed in the protobranch bivalve Acila insignis, a selective detritophage inhabiting subtidal sand sediments of Vostok Bay (Sea of Japan). Soft tissues of A. insignis contained abnormally high concentrations of the polyunsaturated arachidonic acid, 20: 4(n-6), and a rare monounsaturated fatty acid 20: 1(n-13), which distinguishes this species from other bivalves. The high concentrations of these fatty acids in A. insignis, together with the low values of σ34S and the high values of σ13C and σ15N, are probably a result of feeding on the microbial food web.

Original Russian Text © V.I. Kharlamenko, S.I. Kiyashko, S.A. Rodkina, V.I. Svetashev, 2011, published in Biologiya Morya.