, Volume 33, Issue 3, pp 196-199

Nemerteans of the genus Ototyphlonemertes (Enopla: Ototyphlonemertidae) from Van Phong Bay (South Vietnam)

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Two species of the interstitial nemerteans from the intertidal zone of Van Phong Bay (southern Vietnam) are described. By the structure of the proboscis and statocysts, the nemertean Ototyphlonemertes ani sp. n. can be referred to the species group “Lactea” (sensu Envall, Norenburg, 2001), but it differs from other species of this group by the presence of cerebral organs and caudal cirri. The second species new for the region is very similar to O. martynovi, but differs from it in having 2 to 3 cephalic cirri in group C (instead of 4 to 6 cirri found in O. martynovi).