Biology Bulletin

, 36:647

The first genetic evidence of hybridization between West European and Northern white-breasted hedgehogs (Erinaceus europaeus and E. roumanicus) in Moscow region


    • Koltzov Institute of Developmental BiologyRussian Academy of Sciences
  • A. A. Bannikova
    • Moscow State University
  • Yu. M. Pirusskii
    • Moscow State University
  • N. A. Formozov
    • Moscow State University
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DOI: 10.1134/S106235900906017X

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Bogdanov, A.S., Bannikova, A.A., Pirusskii, Y.M. et al. Biol Bull Russ Acad Sci (2009) 36: 647. doi:10.1134/S106235900906017X


The complex genetic examination of hedgehogs from the vicinity of the village of Nikolina Gora (Moscow region, Odintsovskii district) showed both Erinaceus europaeus and E. roumanicus in the sample. One of the hedgehogs was designated as E. roumanicus by the nucleotide sequence of 1 TTR intron but possessed mitochondrial DNA of E. europeus. Only one of the chromosomal pairs that differ in E. europeus and E. roumanicu s was heteromorphic in this specimen. Its hybridous origin as the offspring of one or several backcrosses between F1 hybrid and E. roumanicus was suggested.

Key words

E. europaeusE. roumanicusnatural hybridizationkaryologicaland DNA analyses

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