Journal of Analytical Chemistry

, Volume 62, Issue 11, pp 1100–1102

History of the discovery of potassium and sodium (on the 200th anniversary of the discovery of potassium and sodium)

  • V. A. Shaposhnik
History of Analytical Chemistry

DOI: 10.1134/S1061934807110160

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Shaposhnik, V.A. J Anal Chem (2007) 62: 1100. doi:10.1134/S1061934807110160


This article presents the history of the discovery potassium and sodium, barium, calcium, boron, and cadmium by Humphrey Davy. It illustrates the continuity of research into electrophysiology, physics, and electrochemistry that led Davy to his discovery. The biographical sketch of Davy is given.

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  • V. A. Shaposhnik
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  1. 1.Voronezh State UniversityVoronezhRussia

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