, Volume 61, Issue 12, pp 1172-1176

Discharge on boiling in a channel: Effect of channel geometry on the performance characteristics of determining metals in a liquid flow by atomic emission spectrometry

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Discharge on boiling in a channel was studied as a new atomization and excitation source for spectrochemical analysis in a flow of electrolyte solutions. The discharge arises between the liquid walls of a vapor lock formed in the channel of a dielectric membrane because of the rapid Joule heating of the liquid in the channel. The effect of channel geometry on the reproducibility of the integrated light intensity was studied. The background radiation spectrum was measured over the range 220–900 nm, and the possibility of determining alkali and alkaline earth metals in a flow was studied. The parameters of linear calibration equations and the detection limits for these metals are given.

Original Russian Text © B.K. Zuev, V.V. Yagov, A.S. Grachev, 2006, published in Zhurnal Analiticheskoi Khimii, 2006, Vol. 61, No. 12, pp. 1274–1279.