Applied Problems

Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis

, Volume 16, Issue 1, pp 61-64

Defect detection in textile fabric images using wavelet transforms and independent component analysis

  • A. SerdarogluAffiliated withBogazici University
  • , A. ErtuzunAffiliated withBogazici University
  • , A. ErcilAffiliated withSabanci University

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In this paper, a new method based on the use of wavelet transformation prior to independent component analysis for solving the problem of defect detection in textile fabric images is presented. Different subbands of the wavelet packet tree scheme of the defect-free subwindows are obtained and independent components of these subbands are calculated as basis vectors. The true feature vectors corresponding to these basis vectors are computed. The test subwindow is labeled as defective, or not according to the Euclidean distance between the true feature vector representing the non-defective regions and the feature vector of the subwindow under test. The advantage of adding wavelet analysis prior to the independent component analysis is presented.