, Volume 21, Issue 4, pp 708-711
Date: 04 Mar 2011

30 W output of short pulse duration nanosecond green laser generated by a hybrid fiber-bulk MOPA system

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We reported a 30 W average output power 532 nm green laser with 5 ns pulsed duration working at 80–100 kHz generated by a hybrid MOPA system. The hybrid MOPA system consisted of a fiber amplifier and two solid-state amplifiers producing 77 W 1064 nm at pulse repetition rates of 80–100 kHz. The IR-to-green optical conversion efficiency was 44.7% at the working point of 100 kHz. The beam quality of green laser was measured better than M 2 < 1.6 in both orthogonal directions. Nanosecond 532 nm lasers with short pulsed duration could be practicable in silicon-based material processing in the Photovoltaic industry.

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