, Volume 20, Issue 10, pp 1907-1912
Date: 02 Sep 2010

A novel-configuration multi-wavelength Brillouin erbium fiber laser and its application in switchable high-frequency microwave generation

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A novel configuration of compound-cavity multi-wavelength Brillouin erbium fiber laser is proposed and experimentally demonstrated. With an incident optical carrier power of 8 dBm, at least 14 lasing lines are obtained with a wavelength spacing of ∼0.08 nm. Stability and power uniformity of the multi-wave-length lasing are ensured by the flat hybrid gain of Brillouin and erbium, the compound-cavity structure, and the four-wave mixing suppression using a long (10 km) single-mode fiber. A stable and frequency-switchable microwave can be achieved by incorporating a fiber Bragg grating filter to select the desired nth-order Stokes wave and beating it with the optical carrier at a photodetector. In our experiment, the 1st-4th-order Stokes waves are filtered respectively and hence a high-quality microwave with a switchable frequency from ∼10 to ∼40 GHz and a tuning step of ∼10 GHz is achieved. The signal-to-noise ratio is measured to be >25 dB.

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