Strong Field and Attosecond Physics

Laser Physics

, Volume 20, Issue 5, pp 1001-1008

Ellipticity dependence of high-order above-threshold ionization from aligned diatomic molecules

  • M. BusuladžićAffiliated withMedical Faculty, University of Sarajevo Email author 
  • , A. Gazibegović-BusuladžićAffiliated withFaculty of Science, University of Sarajevo
  • , D. B. MiloševićAffiliated withFaculty of Science, University of SarajevoMax-Born-Institut

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We investigate high-order above-threshold ionization of the Ar2 molecule by an elliptically polarized laser field. In order to describe this process we use the modified molecular strong-field approximation. We have found that the differential ionization rate is a very sensitive function of the ellipticity of the laser field and of the molecular orientation. For parallel orientation the rate has the maximum value for linear polarization, independently of the laser intensity. On the other hand, for perpendicular orientation the rate is maximal for a particular value of the ellipticity which is different from zero. Such a behavior can be related to the molecular symmetry. We consider the differential ionization rate of high-energy electrons as a function of the ellipticity for different internuclear distances. We also present, in the electron energy-emission angle plane, our new results for the focal-averaged spectra of electrons ionized by an elliptically polarized laser field. We have found that, in this case, the two-source two-rescattering-centers interference minima are blurred.