, Volume 20, Issue 2, pp 533-536
Date: 23 Dec 2009

Yb3+ doped (Ca,Sr,Ba)F2 for high power laser applications

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Yb3+ doped CaF2 has been proved in the last years to be one of the most attractive Yb3+ doped materials for broadly tunable, high power and short-pulse laser operation as well as for bi-frequency laser and THz wave generation. Interesting results were also obtained by using Yb3+:CaF2 as regenerative amplifier of femtosecond pulses in the mJ level with very high damage threshold and, even more recently, prove was made that cryogenically cooled materials could lead to even more promising performance at high power levels. The purpose of the present paper consists first in a clarification of a number of luminescence, thermal and laser properties as well as in the description of the most recent laser results, obtained in particular at low temperature.