, Volume 19, Issue 2, pp 368-370
Date: 10 Feb 2009

All-fiber passive mode-locked laser to generate ps pulses based in a symmetrical NOLM

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We experimentally investigate an all-fiber passively mode-locked laser generating ps pulses. The experimental setup is a figure eight fiber laser configuration, including a power-symmetric Nonlinear Optical Loop Mirror (NOLM) with highly twisted low-birefringence fiber in the loop. NOLM switching is achieved by polarization asymmetry between the counter-propagating beams in the loop. We used a Quarter-Wave Retarder in the loop to break the polarization symmetry. Using a polarizer beam-splitter cube as the NOLM output we got the best quality output pulses from the laser. At this output, we are monitoring the output pulse polarization component which is parallel to the input NOLM component. We achieved stable generation of ∼25 ps pulses at the repetition frequency of 0.78 MHz with milliwatts average output power. The mode-locked laser ran in stable operation for hours.

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