, Volume 18, Issue 12, pp 1451-1458
Date: 29 Nov 2008

CARS diagnostics of molecular media under nanoporous confinement

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The CARS spectroscopy is used for the diagnostics of carbon dioxide in a nanoporous glass at temperatures ranging from room temperature (20.5°C) to the subcritical temperature (30.5°C) in the pressure range below the saturated-vapor pressure. The contributions of the gas-phase molecules, the molecular layer adsorbed from the gas phase on the pore surface, the condensed liquid-like phase, and the liquid interface in the vicinity of the pore surface can be selected using the analysis of the nonlinear spectral response. The spectral behavior of the carbon dioxide confined in nanopores at the subcritical temperature indicates a state that is similar to the supercritical fluid. This corresponds to a low-temperature shift of the critical point of the medium confined in nanopores.

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