, Volume 17, Issue 11, pp 1327-1332

Low-coherence doppler lidar with multiple time coherence of reference and probe waves

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The notion of multiple time coherence of optical beams is introduced and mathematically analyzed for the first time. Mathematical simulation is used to demonstrate the possibility of the generation of multiple fiber pulses (MFPs), which exhibit multiple time coherence, and the possibility of their application for the laser Doppler anemometry of spatially separated scattering objects (including the realization of wind coherent Doppler lidars). A method to obtain MFPs of a given duration with the means of fiber-optic commutation is proposed. The method is based on nanosecond lasers with a limited coherence length realized in a set of fiber topologies. The concept of a low-coherence Doppler lidar with the multiple time coherence of the reference and probe waves is formulated. The energy parameters of the lidar are mathematically simulated for one of the topologies of the MFP device.

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