, Volume 16, Issue 2, pp 244-247

SILEX-I: 300-TW Ti:sapphire laser

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Based on chirped pulse amplification technology, we have built a Ti:sapphire laser system, called SILEX-I (superintense laser for experiments on extremes), at CAEP, which consists of three stages with 5-, 30-, and 300-TW outputs, respectively. The first and the second stages work at 10 Hz, while the third works at single shot. Pulse durations of 30 fs have been obtained by installing an acousto-optic programmable dispersive filter (AOPDF) to compensate for the spectral gain narrowing in the regen. By taking a number of advanced measures for spatial beam control, such as spatial beam shaping, relay-imaged propagation, precise alignment of compressor gratings, and OAP, near-diffraction limited focal spots (FWHM) have been obtained. Focused intensities are calculated at (1–3) × 1020 W/cm2 with an f/2.2 OAP.SILEX-I has shown an excellent stability and reliability in operations for applications since its completion and will soon be able to operate at 500 TW.

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