, Volume 47, Issue 7, pp 835-845
Date: 14 Jul 2011

A comparative study of the electrochemical properties of vitamin B-6 related compounds at physiological pH

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A comparative study of vitamin B6 group and related compounds in buffered solutions using electrochemical techniques has been performed at neutral pH. Irreversible bi- or tetra-electronic processes are observed for these substances, and the electron transfer coefficient (αn) calculated. It was concluded that either the first or second election transfer were the rate determining step of the electrode process. The diffusion coefficient of these substances was calculated and the values given follow an inverse tendency to the molecular size. For aldehydes the values obtained were corrected of the hydration reaction. It is important to remark that catalytic waves were reported for the first time for these compounds. Using a model involving the nitrogen of the basic structure the kinetic constants were calculated for most of them.

Published in Russian in Elektrokhimiya, 2011, vol. 47, No. 7, pp. 890–901.
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