, Volume 35, Issue 1, pp 21-24
Date: 07 Feb 2009

Influence of genetic variants modulating dopamine activity on the brain processing of auditory information (the P300 paradigm)

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We studied the influence of catechol-O-methyl transferase gene (COMT) polymorphism on the parameters of components of auditory evoked potentials (EPs) recorded under the conditions of selective attention in mentally healthy relatives of patients with endogenous psychosis. A smaller N100 latency of the EP in response to an insignificant stimulus, smaller N100 amplitude of the EP in response to a significant stimulus, smaller N200 latency, and larger P300 amplitude were found in subjects with the Met/Met genotype (with a higher dopamine activity), and a larger P200 latency was found in Val/Val genotype carriers. There was no influence of MMN gene polymorphism on the mismatch negativity.

Original Russian Text © I.S. Lebedeva, G.I. Korovaitseva, T.V. Lezheiko, V.G. Kaleda, L.I. Abramova, A.N. Barkhatova, V.E. Golimbet, 2009, published in Fiziologiya Cheloveka, 2009, Vol. 35, No. 1, pp. 26–30.