, Volume 87, Issue 13, pp 2285-2288
Date: 07 Nov 2013

A study of transglucosylation kinetic in an enzymatic synthesis of benzyl alcohol glucoside by α-glucosidase from S. cerevisiae

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α-1,4-Glucosidase from Saccharomyces cerevisiae is an enzyme which is widely used in synthesis of different drugs. Glucosidase inhibitors are studied as potential drugs for prevention of HIV and diabetes. For understanding of these processes it is very important to have insights in the transglucosylation activity of this enzyme. In this paper the kinetics of transglucosylation reaction catalyzed by this enzyme in the synthesis of benzyl alcohol glucoside was studied and all relevant kinetic constants for this system are found. It was shown one additional property of transglycosylation reactions catalyzed by glycosidases—inhibition by both, glucose acceptor and glucose donor, and mechanisms for these inhibitions were proposed.

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