, Volume 44, Issue 3, pp 328-336
Date: 05 Jun 2010

Neogene phasianids (Aves: Phasianidae) of Central Asia: 3. Genera Lophogallus gen. nov. and Syrmaticus

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Large phasianids from four Miocene and Pliocene localities of Mongolia are reviewed. Lophogallus naranbulakensis gen. et sp. nov. from the Middle Miocene of the Naran Bulak locality is described. It resembles extant Gallus, Lophura, and partially Pavo. The fossil pheasant Syrmaticus kozlovae Kurochkin is compared in detail with other Neogene and living pheasants. The stratigraphic position of phasianids from Neogene localities of Central Asia is discussed.