Paleontological Journal

, Volume 42, Issue 6, pp 643-654

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The oldest representative of Entelodontoidea (Artiodactyla, Suiformes) from the Middle Eocene of Khaichin Ula II, Mongolia, and some evolutionary features of this superfamily

  • I. A. VislobokovaAffiliated withPaleontological Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences Email author 

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The oldest representative of the family Entelodontidae (suborder Suiformes), Proentelodon minutus gen. et sp. nov, is described from the Middle Eocene Khaichin Ula II Fauna in Mongolia. In addition to the genus Proentelodon, the new subfamily Proentelodontinae includes the genus Eoentelodon from the Middle-Upper Eocene of China, Mongolia, and Kazakhstan. The new data bring clues to the origin and systematic position of Entelodontidae, features of their evolution, dispersal, and changes in taxonomic diversity. They also elucidate the early evolutionary stages of Suiformes.

Key words

Entelodontidae new taxa Mongolia Eocene