, Volume 42, Issue 5, pp 526-530
Date: 12 Sep 2008

A new species of the pufferfish Eotetraodon (Tetraodontiformes, Tetraodontidae) from the Eocene of the Northern Caucasus

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The Eocene pufferfish genus Eotetraodon (Tetraodontidae) has previously been known only on the basis of E. pygmaeus (Zigno, 1887) from the lowermost Middle Eocene of Monte Bolca, Italy. To Eotetraodon we now add E. gornylutshensis sp. nov. from the uppermost Middle Eocene of the Kuma Horizon of the northern Caucasus (Gorny Luch locality). E. gornylutshensis sp. nov. differs from E. pygmaeus by having much longer ribs and one less vertebra in the caudal peduncle.