Paleontological Journal

, Volume 40, Issue 1, pp 20-33

First online:

On the genus Auricullina Vassiljeva, 1998 and shell pores of the Cambrian helcionelloid mollusks

  • P. Yu. ParkhaevAffiliated withPaleontological Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences

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The genus Auricullina Vassiljeva, 1998 and its type species A. papulosa Vassiljeva, 1998 are redescribed based on new well-preserved material, which allows me to revise the generic diagnosis and greatly add to the morphological characterization of the type species. A new species, A. granulosa sp. nov., is described from the Botomian of Australia. The synonymy of the taxa is improved. The morphology and function of shell pores in Cambrian univalved mollusks are discussed.