, Volume 103, Issue 5, pp 766-771

Photoluminescence and Raman spectra of SnOx nanostructures doped with Sm ions

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The photoluminescence (PL) and Raman scattering of SnOx nanoparticles deposited from vapor phase have been studied. The PL spectra are characterized by a two-band structure. The high-energy band in the range from 300 to 350 nm is due to the exciton pair annihilation and may characterize the band gap of SnOx nanocrystals as a function of their diameter. In the red spectral region (from 600 to 700 nm), a luminescence band due to defects in nanocrystals manifests itself. The existence of defects in SnOx nanostructures is confirmed by Raman spectroscopy. Doping of SnOx nanoparticles with rare earth (samarium) atoms leads to the appearance of strong luminescence lines in the red region of the PL spectrum.

Original Russian Text © V.G. Kravets, 2007, published in Optika i Spektroskopiya, 2007, Vol. 103, No. 5, pp. 790–795.