, Volume 46, Issue 2, pp 210-217

Association of chromosome 8q24 variants with prostate cancer risk in the Siberian region of Russia and meta-analysis

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Compelling evidence demonstrates the importance of chromosome 8q24 as a locus of susceptibility to prostate cancer. In this work, the association of common 8q24 variants, rs6983267 and rs1447295, with a sporadic risk of prostate cancer was analyzed in the Russian population of Siberia. For this purpose, the above polymorphisms were genotyped in 393 cases and 384 control individuals. The A allele of rs1447295 was significantly associated with prostate cancer risk (OR[CI 95%] = 1.74 [1.26–2.4], p = 7.8 × 10−4). The common G-A haplotype of rs6983267-rs1447295 also showed association with prostate cancer risk in Russians (OR[CI 95%] = 2.03 [1.1–3.75], p = 0.02). A meta-analysis combining our data with previously published results was performed to better evaluate the association between the SNPs studied and prostate cancer risk; its results strongly supported the association for both loci (p < 10−6). Thus, our study has confirmed the association of chromosome 8q24 with a risk of prostate cancer.

Original Russian Text © N.A. Os’kina, U.A. Boyarskikh, A.F. Lazarev, V.D. Petrova, D.I. Ganov, O.G. Tonacheva, G.I. Lifshits, M.L. Filipenko, 2012, published in Molekulyarnaya Biologiya, 2012, Vol. 46, No. 2, pp. 234–241.