, Volume 41, Issue 4, pp 665-669

Development of a biochip with an internal calibration curve for quantitating two forms of the prostate-specific antigen

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Three-dimensional gel-based biological microchips were developed for simultaneous quantitation of total (PSAtot) and free (PSAfree) forms of the prostate-specific antigen in human serum in the “one patient, one biochip” format. A method not demanding construction of calibration curves prior to the assay was applied to quantitation of PSAtot and PSAfree. In addition to gel elements with immobilized antibodies against PSAtot and PSAfree, the biochip contains elements with immobilized PSA at different concentrations, forming an internal calibration curve. Data are processed and interpreted with the special-purpose ImaGelAssay program. The sensitivity of the assay is 0.3 ng/ml for PSAtot and 0.2 ng/ml for PSAfree. The variation coefficient for measurements with one biochip series does not exceed 10%. The correlation coefficients between the estimates obtained for human sera by the biochip assay and by conventional ELISA were 0.988 for PSAtot and 0.987 for PSAfree.

Original Russian Text © E.V. Konovalova, E.N. Savvateeva, E.I. Dementieva, M.A. Filippova, A.Yu. Turygin, T.V. Osipova, T.P. Ryabykh, A.Yu. Rubina, A.S. Zasedatelev, 2007, published in Molekulyarnaya Biologiya, 2007, Vol. 41, No. 4, pp. 734–738.