, Volume 40, Issue 2, pp 235-239

Small heat shock proteins and adaptation of various Drosophila species to hyperthermia

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The dynamics and the level of accumulation of small heat shock proteins (sHSP group 21–27) after a heat exposure were studied in three Drosophila species differing in thermotolerance. The southern species Drosophila virilis, having the highest thermotolerance, surpassed thermosensitive D. lummei and D. melanogaster in the level of sHSPs throughout the temperature range tested. The results suggest an important role of sHSPs in the molecular mechanisms of adaptation to adverse environmental conditions, particularly to hyperthermia.

Original Russian Text © V.Yu. Shilova, D.G. Garbuz, M.B. Evgen’ev, O.G. Zatsepina, 2006, published in Molekulyarnaya Biologiya, 2006, Vol. 40, No. 2, pp. 271–276.