, Volume 96, Issue 6, pp 375-379
Date: 10 Jan 2013

Ultrafast electron dynamics on the silicon surface excited by an intense femtosecond laser pulse

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The electron dynamics on the silicon surface during the pump ultrashort infrared laser pulse is studied by time-resolved optical microscopy and electron-emission measurements. It is found that the optical response of the material under the conditions where a dense electron-hole plasma is formed is determined by the renormalization of the band spectrum of the material rather than by intraband transitions of photoexcited carriers. Nonlinear Auger recombination in the plasma enhanced by the plasma-induced renormalization of the band gap and accompanied by the generation of hot charge carriers stimulates intense prompt emission of such carriers from the surface of the photoexcited material, whose work function decreases owing to the large plasma-induced renormalization of the energies of higher conduction bands.