, Volume 95, Issue 6, pp 289-294
Date: 02 Jun 2012

Anisotropic distributions of electrical currents in high-T c grain-boundary junctions

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We developed a self-consistent method for the calculation of spatial current distributions in high-T c grain-boundary junctions. It is found that crystallographic anisotropy of high-T c superconducting electrodes results in the effects, which previously were not taken into account for interpretations of experimental data. Among them is a significant redistribution of electrical currents in superconducting electrodes in the vicinity of a grain boundary. In particular in the case of [100]-tilt bicrystal junctions, this current redistribution results in a substantial focusing to the top or bottom part of a thickness of the grain boundary, depending on “roof”- or “valley”-type of the grain boundary. This redistribution is accompanied by generation of vortex currents around the grain boundary, which leads to self-biasing of grain-boundary junctions by magnetic field nucleated by these vortex currents. It is shown that twinning or variation of geometrical shape of the high-T c electrode may also result in intensive redistribution of electrical currents and nucleation of local magnetic fields inside a high-T c superconducting electrodes.

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