Inorganic Materials

, Volume 46, Issue 9, pp 988–993

Composition, structural parameters, and color of langatate


    • Lomonosov State Academy of Fine Chemical Technology
  • G. M. Kuz’micheva
    • Lomonosov State Academy of Fine Chemical Technology
  • V. B. Rybakov
    • Moscow State University
  • A. B. Dubovskii
    • Moscow State Open University (Aleksandrov Branch)
  • A. Cousson
    • Laboratoire Léon BrillouinCEA Saclay

DOI: 10.1134/S0020168510090128

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Kaurova, I.A., Kuz’micheva, G.M., Rybakov, V.B. et al. Inorg Mater (2010) 46: 988. doi:10.1134/S0020168510090128


Langatate crystals with the nominal composition La3(Ga0.5Ta0.5)Ga5O14 grown by Czochralski pulling along 〈0001〉 have been studied by X-ray and neutron diffraction before and after postgrowth annealing in air and vacuum. Their compositions are determined, the relationship between the Ga/Ta ratio and unit-cell parameters is established, and their color (colorless, yellow, and orange crystals) is shown to depend on their oxygen content and the growth and annealing conditions. Vacuum annealing at sufficiently high temperatures leads to precipitation of a green phase, La(Ta,Ga)3+O3.

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