, Volume 43, Issue 9, pp 988-993

Microwave-assisted hydrothermal synthesis of fine BaZrO3 and BaHfO3 powders

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Fine BaZrO3 and BaHfO3 powders have been prepared by a microwave-assisted hydrothermal (MWHT) process. The powders have been characterized by x-ray diffraction and scanning electron microscopy, and their particle size distribution has been assessed from dynamic light scattering data. The results indicate that microwave processing during hydrothermal synthesis notably reduces the average particle size of the resulting powder and ensures a narrower particle size distribution. BaHfO3 particles prepared under the optimal MWHT synthesis conditions are predominantly spherical in shape and uniform in size, with an average size (1.2 μm) a factor of 2.5 smaller in comparison with particles prepared by a conventional hydrothermal process (2.9 μm).

Original Russian Text © V.D. Maksimov, P.E. Meskin, B.R. Churagulov, 2007, published in Neorganicheskie Materialy, 2007, Vol. 43, No. 9, pp. 1102–1108.