, Volume 49, Issue 1, pp 55-62
Date: 22 Feb 2011

Some regularities of the behavior of the thermodynamic properties of systems with three-body intermolecular interactions

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The effect of three-body intermolecular interactions on the behavior of different thermodynamic properties of monatomic liquids (pressure, internal energy, chemical potential) and conditions of the vaporliquid phase equilibrium is studied. The systems in which two-body intermolecular interactions were described by the Lennard-Jones potential and three-body ones were described by the Axilrod-Teller potential are considered. The Monte Carlo method and the method of partial distribution functions are used to solve the problem. Data obtained by means of these methods agree well.

Original Russian Text © A.V. Klinov, A.V. Malygin, L.R. Minibaeva, 2011, published in Teplofizika Vysokikh Temperatur, 2011, Vol. 49, No. 1, pp. 56–63.