, Volume 46, Issue 4, pp 457-466

Numerical simulation of the electric field and zonal current in the Earth’s ionosphere: The dynamo field and equatorial electrojet

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The work is devoted to the numerical simulation of the dynamo electric field and its effects in the Earth’s ionosphere within the scope of the thermosphere-ionosphere-protonosphere global self-consistent model developed at WD IZMIRAN. The new electric field calculation block, which was used to obtain results of the self-consistent calculations of the electric field potential generated by the dynamo effect of the thermospheric winds (the dynamo field) and the equatorial electrojet for March 22, 1987, is briefly described in this work. A comparison of the obtained results with the experimental data showed a satisfactory agreement. Moreover, the proposed model was used to calculate the diurnal variations in the ionospheric parameters for Jicamarca equatorial station under the same conditions with the help of the new block of the electric field. The results of these calculations are also presented and discussed in this work. It has been indicated that the new model satisfactorily describes the specific features of electric field distribution at the geomagnetic equator and the well-known phenomenon of equatorial electrojet.

Original Russian Text © M.V. Klimenko, V.V. Klimenko, V.V. Bryukhanov, 2006, published in Geomagnetizm i Aeronomiya, 2006, Vol. 46, No. 4, pp. 485–494.