, Volume 71, Issue 8, pp 846-850

New viral vector for efficient production of target proteins in plants

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A new potato virus X (PVX)-based viral vector for superproduction of target proteins in plants has been constructed. The triple gene block and coat protein gene of PVX were substituted by green fluorescent protein. This reduced viral vector was delivered into plant cells by agroinjection (injection of Agrobacterium tumefaciens cells, carrying viral vector cDNA within T-DNA, into plant leaves), and this approach allowed to dramatically reduce the size of the vector genome. The novel vector can be used for production of different proteins including pharmaceuticals in plants.

Published in Russian in Biokhimiya, 2006, Vol. 71, No. 8, pp. 1043–1049.
Originally published in Biochemistry (Moscow) On-Line Papers in Press, as Manuscript BM06-109, July 9, 2006.